4 Cavities Motor Cap Mould With Cold Runner

Plastic material: PP,PE and can be customized Mold usage: Oil Drums, Canned Water Drums... Maintenance: Fastening parts, check whether the fastening parts are loose, damaged phenomenon, the approach taken is to find the same specifications of the parts for replacement. Pressure material parts such as pressure plate, unloading parts such as stripping plate. Maintenance check the relationship between the parts of the accessories and the absence of damage, the damaged parts to repair, and take measures for the specific situation.

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Mold Life Time: 3-5 million shots Surface Request: High polish, High Gloss or Texture Core& Cavity: H13/S136/2083/2344/2085/ASSAB STAVAX ESR Mold Base: P20/ 4CR13/2085/2316 Runner System: Cold runner/Chinese brand/ YUDO/MASTER/HUSKY Customization: Available Mould Design: UG, CAD/CAM, PROE etc mould processing: CNC, High speed carved, Digital controller lathe etc mould gate type: Pin gate, Submarine gate, Valve gate etc mould ejector type: Unscrew by motor, stripper plate, ejector sleeve, ejector pin Package Details: Export Standard Seaworthy packing. Place of Origin: Taizhou, China We pay great attention to mold quality: 1.Ensure the authenticity of the mold material: We will provide the original certificate of country of origin of the material and the original heat proof of the material. The material with high purity, good toughness and good polishability is preferred. Germany's steel and Sweden's ASSAB materials are in the form of direct sales from the original factory, preventing material counterfeiting. 2.Advanced mould design: Cooperate with high-end mold companies all over the world, and have advanced mold design concepts and advanced mold structure design drawings. 3.Hot runner structure for easy replacement: The structure design of the nozzle is similar to that of the hot nozzle of the PET preform mold Replacing parts can be done on the machine. FAQ: After disassembling the mold, we checked the mould part is good, and we assemble the mold, but the product is still whitening, What shall we do for it? (1): Insufficient plasticizing ability, (2): resin thermal decomposition, (3): Retained in the cylinder and partially overheated, (4): Injection speed is too fast, (5): injection pressure is too high, (6): Air is mixed in the screw (insufficient back pressure)

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