Double color flip top cap mould

Plastic material: PP and can be customized Mold usage: Shampoo bottle, detergent, cosmetics bottle Our products are manufactured in workshops with strict assembly requirements and exquisite technical workmanship. technology to create high quality equipment. At the same time, we put our high intensity testing equipment Using our own different molds to test the clamping force of the machine, and the precision of various precision of the movements! Make sure your machine is perfect! Instead of just producing the caps you currently need, we will make sure our machines are tested at sufficient strength tested for a wider range of applications!

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Steel Material: Core& Cavity: H13/S136 Mold Base: P20+ chrome Runner System: Chinese brand (other hot runner brand is also ok) Customization: Available Design confirmation: Product drawing→3D printing sample→mould drawing Mould processing: CNC, High speed carved mould gate type: Pin gate mould ejector type: Force eject Package Details: Wooden case. Place of Origin: Taizhou, China We pay great attention to mold quality: 1.Ensure the hardness of the mold material: You can test our material hardness, we can also provide material hardness report. 2.Main core and cavity part can be changeable. 3.The design of hot runner parts can be easily replaced. We pay great attention to mold quality: 1.Ensure the authenticity of the mold material: We will provide the original certificate of country of origin of the material and the original heat proof of the material. The material with high purity, good toughness and good polishability is preferred. Germany's steel and Sweden's ASSAB materials are in the form of direct sales from the original factory, preventing material counterfeiting. 2.Advanced mould design: Cooperate with high-end mold companies all over the world, and have advanced mold design concepts and advanced mold structure design drawings. 3.Hot runner structure for easy replacement: The structure design of the nozzle is similar to that of the hot nozzle of the PET preform mold Replacing parts can be done on the machine. FAQ: 1.Is this one mold or two mold? This is one mold, the two color can be made in one mold. 2.What about the price? Is it high price? No, the price is very cheap, we have made a lot of this kind of mold, our teams have full experience in making this kind of mold.

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